VTG Moved an Air Separation Units to Temirtau Kazakhstan

Sarting in June 2018 VTG shipped over 12,000 FRT of equipment from Europe, Korea, China and Turkey to the ArcellorMittal steelworks in Temirtau / Kazakhstan.

The most challenging units were the 5 main components of coldboxes, the biggest measuring 4000x 500x 580 cm and weighing 150 tons. VTG teamed up with ALE Kazakhstan to get the job done.

After shipping the equipment from the German port to the Caspian sea port of Kuryk it took 3,800 kilometers of roads along cities like Atyrau, Uralsk, Aktobe, Astana up to the jobsite with a transit time of more than 70 days. Preparation took nearly one year to evaluate the final route and receive all permits from authorities to cross the country.

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