Two critical air charters handled by QAS Charter

Two critical air charters handled by QAS Charter

QAS Charter just operated two very critical charter flights.

1. One Charter flight took place on 02.10.2018 from Bratislava to Casablanca carrying a custom made Mercedes Benz G63 4x4 vehicles. The vehicle was purchased by a very high profile person and he was expecting his car asap. QAS Charter received the request from a regular customer the day before the flight.

The cargo was located in Austria and they were looking to depart from Vienna but QAS Charter instructed them to use Bratislava instead of Vienna in order to expedite flight permits. The customer was given a door to port offer and the cargo was collected (a special trailer for car transportation was secured), delivered to Bratislava alongside with export clearence.A/C landed to Casablanca 3 hours earlier than the agreed schedule.

2. QAS Charter operated another charter flight last week to transport 88 metric tons of school uniforms from Turkey to Venezuela. The schedule was very tight to catch the opening of schools.

Due to the unstable economic environment in the Venezuela it was difficult to find a suitable operator for this task. Ultimately the right solution for the customer and cargo was found and the delivery was made on time to the consignee.

QAS Charter (QAS Havacılık Taşımacılık Ltd. Sti) is Exclusive Air Charter Service Provider to CLC Projects

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