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The Project Solutions department of VTG Rail Logistics Deutschland GmbH is mainly focused on industrial projects to CIS states as well as the handling of all kind of cargo by truck, rail and its combination within Europe, to Turkey and of course CIS states. The project team consists of 4 offices in Germany with 18 team members that are individual specialists for each mode of transport and/or region served.

VTG Rail Logistics provide services to key industrial players as well as to various forwarders within Europe. With parent company VTG AG in the back VTG Rail Logistics has access to about 80,000 rail cars in Europe and CIS.

In the last 5 years major projects include Tobolsk PP Plant (45,000 FRT), Togliatti Azot (35,000 FRT), GrodnoAzot (18,000 FRT) and Temirtau Air separator (8,000 FRT).

VTG Rail Logistics looks to expand their network of partners to handle worldwide pickup of cargo as well as to offer experience and knowledge to new partners.

VTG Rail Logistics Deutschland GmbH
Project Solutions
Landsberger Straße 247 R
D - 12623 Berlin

Sascha Bengel
Tel +49 30 55508 130
Mob +49 174 9285042

Example project handled by VTG Rail Logistics:
Project Name: Grodno project
Cargo: Absorption Tower
Cargo dimensions: 50m long with 6m diameter
Cargo weight: 200 mt

VTG Rail Logistcis - Images of Project Cargo moved by Rail

VTG Rail Logistics Deutschland GmbH is a Service Provider to CLC Projects representing Germany

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