Ocean7 Projects Spain

As ship owners and operators Ocean7 have at hand exclusive vessels consisting of 1500/3000 dwat coasters, 16000 dwat geared/ IMO fitted Heavy Lifters with lifting capacity up to 240 and 300 metric tons.

Ocean7's new vessels are fitted with 2 x 150 cranes for a combined lifting capacity of 300 metric tons. Vessels may sail with hatches partly or completely open.

The deckhouse is arranged forward to allow for a large and unobstructed weather deck space of 91 x 17 meters.

This assorted fleet enables Ocean7 to offer worldwide coverage.

Ocean7 aims to offer a one-stop-shop in the shipping and logistical business, covering all aspects of the transportation & supply chain. Assuring a prompt response to customer's needs is always their main goal.

Ocean7 renders the following services:

  • Ship Owners, Vessel Operators & Project Carriers
  • Contractors & Brokers
  • Liner and Port Agents / Stevedoring
  • Industrial Projects
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind energy
  • Heavy Lift / OOG

OCEAN7 Projects offers

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Competitive Freight Policy

Ocean7 Projects, Spain SA

Contact: Santiago Fontecilla
Tel: +34 944107093
Mob: +34 696476591
Alameda Urquijo 28-1
38010 Bilbao

Website: http://ocean7projects.com/

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