NTC Logistics handled a wind turbine project

Project Highlights:

  • Route risk identification survey was made from origin to destination
  • Vehicles were modified as per the cargo requirements
  • Trailers and beds were customized as per the length and width of the cargo
  • GPS was used to provide en-route tracking

Cargo and equipment used:

  • Nacelle - 96454 kg / 9734mm x 4255mm x 4208mm
    Transported using 9 axle-line hydraulic trailer
  • Hub - 5044mm x 4389mm x 4794mm
    Transported using 40ft low bed trailer with floating axles
  • Blade - with length: 5623m
    Transported using extendable trailer with triple axles
  • Towers - T1: 19610mm / T2: 23160mm / T3: 28940mm / T4: 30310mm
    Transported using a quad axle trailer

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