Logfret Poland Moves 900CBM in just 3 Weeks from China to Poland

Logfret Poland Moves 900CBM in just 3 Weeks from China to Poland

The customer is a large and leading fashion importer in Poland who restructured their business model since COVID-19 started.

The customer also imported massive volumes of medical masks supplying the Polish Government and and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

Logfret Poland started working on this project in the last week of March 2020. Two different airlines without interline agreement were used via CAO from NKG to SIN and then performed express transfer from one flight to another.

Using emergency handling and cutting nominal time required to cat off to catch the passenger plane of LOT Polish airline taking back home Polish citizens from South East Asia.

The complicated operation was coordinated by Logfret Shanghai who was locked down at that time, with the support from Logfret Singapore and LOT Polish Airlines and its agent in Singapore.

All went smoothly and Logfret Poland has delivered the 1st part of the large shipment on time.

Using similar co-operation with Logfret Shanghai coordinating locally in China Logfret handled a much larger shipment (216 cbm / 36,000kg of chargeable weight and 24,000kg of gross weight) via another route.

Logfret's team member, Lukasz Roslon, built a buyer consol and put over 300cbm shared between WeCan and another agent on non NAP basis, where WeCan shipped to FRA, LGG etc.

Logfret is a member of CLC Projects representing Poland and the United States (Midwest)

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