NTC Handled 120 Wind Turbine Blades in Record-Breaking Time

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In a new record in V.O.C Port Tuticorin, NTC Logistics India [P] Limited handles the highest count of wind blades imported on a single vessel. Made in China, about 120 wind blades measuring 76.8 m in length reached the V.O.C Port on 25th October. NTC Logistics performed stevedoring, intercarting, crane handling and unloading activities within a record-breaking time of just 44 hours. Previously, the port had handled 60 wind blades at once, which remained the highest until now.

NTC Logistics is a member of CLC Projects representing India (Chennai)

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Cory Projects & Liner Experts Recently Teamed-up to Help Transport This Amazing Civilian Helicopter (Sikorsky S92) from Antwerp to British Columbia

This crucial project required detailed planning, timing & execution. Another successful collaboration. Cory Brothers thanks their team & all stakeholders for making this work, G2 Ocean & MJS Shipping & Transport.

Cory Logistics is a member of CLC Projects representing Ireland & the United Kingdom

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Comark Has a New Office in Belgrade, Serbia Where They Recently Delivered New Disassembled Mining Dump Trucks

Comark delivered over 15.000t of project cargo this year from / to Serbia, trying to reach one thousand heavy loads by end of year (oversized / heavy / government & defence equipment). These quantities are also the main reason Comark opened a new office in Belgrade.

A lot of cargo that was being shipped via Black sea ports, is now moving to North Adriatic ports, which means also more work for Comark.

A recent projects was the delivery of new mining dump trucks, which are too big for the road, so they are delivered disassembled.

Comark is a member of CLC Projects representing Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia & Slovenia

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