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Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines For CLC Projects Network

  • Membership fees are to be paid once per year and are non-refundable.
  • Maximum 2 members are allowed per country except Brazil where we allow maximum 3 members and China, India and USA where membership limitations vary.
  • Membership Fee: usd 2000/year
  • Communication must be efficient towards other members. We generally expect to see replies within 48 hours, and always a clear “yes” or “no” as the case may be.
  • Any member with a poor payment record based on minimum 2 different member complaints may face expulsion from the network.
  • Sales leads from CLC Projects should be acted on without delay.
  • Each member company can represent a maximum of 4 countries/provinces/cities within CLC Projects Network per year.
  • Members must attend minimum 1 conference in a 3-year period or face expulsion.
  • Members promise to adhere to proper ethics in their dealings with other members. Observe good behavior, good communication, pay bills in a timely manner and uphold the good reputation of CLC Projects and it’s members.
  • Sales leads from CLC Projects may be of several different variety, cold, warm, and hot. CLC Projects does not guarantee a minimum quantity or quality of leads, the market and circumstances dictate what is available.

By joining CLC Projects members agree to abide by these guidelines.

Bo H. Drewsen
CLC Projects Network