An Update on Afghanistan Customs and Logistics from Pakistan Member Msharib-Shipping

An Update on Afghanistan Customs and Logistics from Pakistan Member Msharib-Shipping

Pakistan is one the most strategic, logistically and economically viable transit route for Afghanistan through its two border gateways of Chaman (South) and Torkham (North). The Borders were initially closed but things are slowly returning to normal, we would like to share the following updates received from our Border and Afghanistan Teams.

Spinboldak/Afghanistan customs staff returned to their offices and are expected to resume routine work.

As per Taliban officials who are running affairs of Boldak, Kandahar custom will be closed permanently and all clearance process will be done in Spinboldak. Kandahar custom staff will also sit in Boldak custom for final clearance process.

Due to congestion of trucks at the border, trucks are taking more than normal time to cross the border.

Long queues of vehicles carrying export, import and transit goods can be seen in attached pictures.

Around 200 trucks crossed into Afghanistan while over 300 trucks including empty containers entered Pakistan each day, the T1s and pre-Taliban customs proceedings are yet to restart, however, the Law and order situation is normal in Kandahar province and a ceasefire has been announced by the Taliban, its anticipated same would soon prevail for Jalalabad/Kabul Customs as well.

The MSL team in Afghanistan is facing these challenging times like their fellow countrymen, and engaging in community services and coordinating with most of the Aid/Relief entities still having a presence.

We all remain hopeful for more organized and routine setup to re-start their functioning and paving the way for opportunities for Afghan people to get the assistance and economic activities revived with the help of the global community.

We will keep you further informed on more developments as they unfold in Afghanistan, specifically pertaining to Afghan transit trade and revival of trade/economic activities and we remain at your entire disposal for any requirements to/from Afghanistan.

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