Air and Sea Charters performed in one shipment by Bati

Air and Sea Charter by Bati
Air and Sea Charter by Bati

BATI Group planned another shipment from Mexico to Tunisia in January. However, there were some production delays which is why BATI Air chartered half of the project at the same time. The commodity was diesel pumps, which are extremely important for the site in Tunisia. There were 2 pumps of 3 meters and 17 tons, which had to be handled unboxed. Therefore, BATI arranged a flight the same night while arranging all the customs in Mexico. While the time was ticking for the flight crew time limit, BATI finished the customs on the last minute and arranged the flight to take off from Mexico. The shipment took 3 days and was safely delivered to the door in Tunisia.

Bati Group is member of CLC Projects representing Iraq

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