Project Shipping Crossword Puzzle

Tip: To advance to the next cell you can use the tab key or type each letter twice (you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard)

1. A type of vessel suitable for a variety of cargo types
2. Width of a ship
3. Cover of a ships hold
4. Area of a ship used for stowing cargo
5. The P word in SPMT
6. The scope that includes Jacking, Skidding Spotting
7. The L word in LCT
8. Nylon webbing used for lashing, securing, and lifting
9. A Master Mariner or Naval Architect who monitors operations on behalf of an insurer, agent, shipper or receiver
10. A type of tanks used to adjust the stability of a ship
11. A post on a ship or quay used for mooring
12. A propulsive device usually located in the bow used for making small adjustments to a ships position
13. The part of the ship that extends out on either side of the bridge
14. A void or room in the ships hull where crew can seek refuge from pirates

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